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Bitches vs Britches


Women are rising again this year.
With #MeToo stepping up the gear.

In a the 100th anniversary of the women’s vote.
We once again tell misogynistic men to take note.

Statements of us “moaning again”
How come it’s not “Moaning” if it’s from men?

Why when a woman takes a firm stand the are called bitches???
When a man does it, he’s got balls in his britches.

Current debates on guns in America after horrific scenes,
While in Ireland, say over our own bodies is something nearly every womam dreams.

A snowflake generation, the young are being called.
A term probably penned by a 50 something man gone bald.

Again instead of nurturing positive thoughts and movements,
“Powerful people” slate their wanted improvements.

Fear is what controls these people.
The only way to stay it to make others less equal.

Make a divide to defeat all.
Maybe this time round that plan will fall.


Oh In Skin

I did what was best for,  you oh not for me (it’s true) but we never had the time.

We changed so much, oh in skin, on touch.
That our life became a mime.

At times I’d I want to start again.
Feel the heart within.
Cut between the lines.
Pretend were doing just fine.

But that’s all gone,
The vision of you has been changing,
I look in the mirror in amazement,
Because i am now gone too.

It’s all gone,
Nothing to do but erase it.
Change my whole life and embrace it.
Because I need to breathe and move on.

It’s all gone.

The cracks were always there Oh but then we didn’t care.
We pushed away our pride
We forgot what we knew inside.

Anger became our ties. Oh, Binding us in hateful lines.
Choking with every breathe.
To a point of immanent death.

But that’s all gone,
The vision of you has been changing,
I look in the mirror in amazement,
Because i am now gone too.

It’s all gone,
Nothing to do but erase it.
Change my whole life and embrace it.
Because I need to breathe and move on.

It’s all gone.

Work is just a life dictate



Along the wall at East Wall road,
A throng of people walk by a traffic truckload.

All in a row they march like soldiers,
Subconsciously in sequence with their coffee holders.

Each suit pressed within perfection,
On their way to works direction.

Each day the same route they pace their stride,
Timed with perception and utter pride.

Arriving at the exact time predicted,
“Ahhh, in time for a coffee” – Addicted

Clinging to their eyeballs by the time 3pm comes,
Watching the clock as it runs.

Not a minute later will they wait,
Work is just a life dictate.

Likeness in human affection

Likeness in human affection, here is a connection,

A wandering likeness in human affection.

Wrong as it may be,

It clings to the conscious in obscurity.
Dreaming and wishing it was real,

A moment you adore at a steal.

Emotional devotion you can’t break.

You try to give less for your own sake.
Feeling a need to protect your heart,

You shouldn’t have let them I for a start.

Thought you had learned your lesson but then,

It picks right up and starts again.

I love I Do

​I love. Love I do. 

Love I, the morning and the evening dew. 

It’s fresh and new each day that turns.

It can feel so strong, it burns. 

A caress or a word continues along.

A song that is politically sung.

A fight that you can’t prevent.

A view that seems angel sent.

Trust in my conscious state

Image result for freedom
You tie my stomach up in a knot,
At this stage you thought I had forgot.
Not at all, you are unlucky,
I’m holding on to this fierce memory.
The anger and humiliation soaked in my marrow.
Just one glimpse of you and my body is in harrow.
You can not see how you behaved
You can not see how your actions are depraved.
Some day I know you will realise.
Someday I know your regret of me will paralyze.
By this time it will all be too late.
There will never be trust in my conscious state.

Say Cheese and Die!

Image result for goosebumps camera
Don’t be your selfie,
An altered image of perpetual happy.
No lines or wrinkles.
No story that dwindles.
No thoughts of disparagement.
No frightening engagement.
Life is not lollipops and rainbows.
It’s a roller-coaster, as the saying goes.
No filter to fix reality.
No settings to turn off the insanity.
A complex group of people in a goldfish bowl.
An every day struggle to keep your soul.
The devil may take with every drop you bleed.
It’s ok though your selfie is what is believed.
Just that little snap and your worries are no more.
Say cheese and die, life is no longer a chore.

The beer guzzeler

​She is the beer guzzler.

A few drinks in and none can muzzle her.
A belly full of booze and red nose to match.

Its not long before they need a new batch! 
20 pints in Ha what a laugh.

50 pints in still sober by half. 


Hanging on railings, asleep on tables.

The legend character of many fables.
Once the head is put down she feels refreshed.

Her and alcohol have totally meshed.

Oder to EP

Image result for colourful festival tents

I’ve got bites on my legs and on my ass.
My body a dessert for bugs in the grass.

Guys piss on fences and girls “use” the jax,
and we all wonder why security wont relax.

We guzzle down cans as they are not allowed,
then puke our guts up, which makes up feel proud.

We disappear in the night to a world of our own.
Everyone the next day wonders how they got home.

Ah home yes!, that put up tent.
If it had facilities, we’d live there, not rent.

A shame it doesn’t as we would take it away,
Not leave it for scumbags to burn it on the last day.

We skip work, get up the next day,
A blur of a weekend we wish could stay.

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